Screen toggling between headphone volume and main screen

When I start the Beatbuddy it plays the intro then progresses to the main part, but every 3 or 4 bars it annoyingly toggles to a blue headphones volume screen and then toggles back to the main part screen. It is very irritating as you can’t follow the visual metronome.
Any ideas? Cheers Darren.

mine does this sometimes.

I have to find a way of stopping it, it’s driving me mad as you can’t follow the visual metronome.

I don’t follow the visual so It is not a problem for me. It might be a v1.50 software issue.

Get the latest version of the beta firmware (v1.7.7) and/or turn the headphone volume all the way down.

It does not matter what the headphone volume is on 0 or 10 it still does periodically

I have the exact same problem on mine. (Volume on or off) … and a blue volume seen randomly appears after commencing beat and re-occurs.
I will very much look forward to a fix.

Email me at - I will give you the latest (currently beta, but soon to be official) version of the firmware, version 1.77 - once you upgrade (I will include instructions on how to upgrade your firmware in the email) you will never have to deal with this volume issue again, no matter where the headphone volume wheel is set at. :slight_smile: