Scroll between custom modes pages(..Resolved)

If I have more than 1 custom mode .How do I switch between the modes with the footswitches ?

If you hold down the bottom left and bottom center switches, that takes you back to the home page with the modes listed.

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Currently you can only have 1 custom mode loaded into the MM, you need to load in new custom modes using the App The BB and Aeros modes are always available from the mode menu.
There is no way of changing the built in modes. Maybe in the future, once the V2 apps are working

I found a way !
Plug a footswitch (Boss fs6 for me) with a TRS jack
and I can navigate up and down with the 2 footswitches A/B in the selected mode
ex: I choose Aeros mode and can navigate into all the pages in this mode


Yes, you can use an external footswitch to move between the pages of a mode. We misunderstood what you were asking in your OP. Glad you found a solution to your issue.