Scroll wheel issue

Hi All,

I have just received my very first Aeros Loop Studio that was bought second hand from eBay. It supposed to be 6 months old and in mint condition but the wheel makes a lots of noise when it’s turned. Also, I can feel some resistance at some point like it’s catching something inside of the closure. After some closer inspection, I have noticed that there is some light scratch mark on the side of the wheel (proving that it is rubbing against something) and it seems that the wheel doesn’t run true but it has a slight wobble. I have uploaded some video to my google drive. If you have some time please have a look.

By the way, the wheel does function as supposed to when the unit is on but I am worried that it would get worse later on.

I have already contacted the seller - still waiting for his reply - but I would like to get some confirmation from you guys if my concerns are true, since this is the very first unit I have owned or touched. I am not sure if it is “acceptable”.

The seller was a private owner, I am hoping he still has the warranty. But lets say no. Should I send the unit back or should I keep it? Is it a major issue or something I can live with?

Any input would help.

Thanks for the reply in advance.

Hi there,

it should likely not cause any issues at all I would say it will only cause the slight scratching and there may potentially be a little resistant but that resistance will fade as the wheel is used more and more if there is any.

Thanks for reporting!