Scroll wheel jumps around in User Manual

Hi, I just got my new Aeros today! I immediately connected it to wifi and updated. I am currently running OS version aero-4.2.4 and SE version SW-4.2.4.

Issue: I was scrolling through the quick start guide and the scrolling makes large, sudden jumps. Sometimes it scrolls a line at a time (feature request would also be to make it smooth instead of a bumpy line by line), and sometimes it jumps a half page or even a full page though my scroll speed hasn’t changed. Sometimes when scrolling it appears to jump back a line in the opposite direction of my scroll.

I searched this forum and saw a previous fix was made for a jumpy mixer scroll, so maybe that patch wasn’t applied to the manual, or there was a merge issue which reintroduced it. Can it be fixed?

Ok this is not just in the manual, it’s in Settings as well. It’s rather annoying.

Are you talking about reading the online manual?

I actually don’t know from where the data is coming. I’m reading it on the device itself. I assume that is sitting in device memory but I don’t know.

I think it may be an issue with the wheel itself rather than software. I’m working with SS to solve, will report back!