SD Card Backup


I tried the download link for the SD Card Backup and it does not do anything. It just seems to reload the webpage. Please help.


What download page are you talking about, and what do you actually want to do?

In order to backup all the contents of SD card that you already have, just connect BeatBuddy to your Windows computer (it will get recognized as a USB flash memory is SD card is plugged into it), and just copy-paste all of the files that are currently on it to anywhere you like on your computer (don’t forget to show hidden files and folders!).

In order to later restore from this backup - make the exact reverse operation - copy-paste all the saved files and folders back to BeatBuddy SD card.

No need to actually download anything if you have your native SD card content that BeatBuddy was shipped with!


Download offered from here:

Download this file, unzip it and put the folders in it on a new SD card. Contains all of the content that came with your BeatBuddy’s SD card.


Wow, didn’t even know this page exists :slight_smile:

From the look of the button - it is more flat than other active buttons. This could possibly mean that the download is not ready yet, but will be (or may not be) ready soon.


Download link is now fixed. Sorry about that.


What is the maximum size SD card that the Beat Buddy can use? 32GB? 64GB? 128GB?


First try was correct.


OK, I got a 32GB card and transferred all the files from the 4GB card to it. Usually I like to use pretty large SD cards, but I suppose that for sample drum kits and midi files, even 32GB is likely more than I will ever need, and far more than any other hardware drum kit can access. What is the internal memory limit to the Beat Buddy in terms of drum kit sample size? How about memory allocated to midi beat files?


My knowledge is pretty limited in that. While I indeed heard a specific figure, I am not sure I should be announcing that. In the end, I can be simply wrong, specs can change, better compression tech is used etc, and I don’t want to spread false info. But I believe actual storage capacity will be enough to make a reasonable compromise between the coverage of MIDI notes and the sound quality of each of them.


Individual MIDI files have a 500 note limit.

Drum sets can be a maximum of 100MB total.

There is no size limit for a wav in a drumset as long as it fits inside the total size of 100 MB allow per drum set.

For accent hits, the size of the wav is limited to 15 seconds of sound. The size will depends on its format (16/24bit and mono/stereo). The maximum size (24 bit stereo) is approximately 3.78 MB.


I downloaded the file and extracted it to a SD card, but it just gives a NO SD CARD in the Beat Buddy. Also tried copying my BeatBuddy card and putting the file on the other SD card and same thing. To the best of my knowledge I have the PC file settings done to show and copy hidden files.


Whether I extract or direct copy, there is about 3 million fewer bytes on the backup SD card and it won’t work.


Looks like you unpacked the archive into a subfolder instead of the root of SD card.

Please try following these easy steps to try get your problem solved:

  1. Erase everything from SD card.
  2. Copy the downloaded archive to the SD card.
  3. (Assuming you have a normal Windows machine, not a … Mac) Right click the archive file and choose “Extract here”.
  4. Remove the archive file from SD card after it finished extracting.
  5. Make sure there are folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS and some files at the root of SD card. If they are present, go to 11.
  6. If there are any other folders instead of the ones in step 5, check their content until you find necessary folders from step 5. If you can’t find them, please write about it! Go to next step when you find necessary folders!
  7. Press Ctrl+A (two keyboard buttons Control and A at the same time) to select everything.
  8. Press Ctrl+X to cut them to the clipboard buffer.
  9. Go back to the root of SD card.
  10. Press Ctrl+V to paste the directories and files.
  11. Unplug the unit, it should work.

Didn’t work. I only show one file in the root, you said files? Attached screen shot. With the extraction and extra folder (MIDI Loops-content 1.2) was included which I deleted. It contained WAV files of the drum patterns and fills.


Damn… This screenshot looks exactly like it should for everything to work… :frowning:


Hey, what is this SD card total capacity? Is it the default one shipped with the BeatBuddy? Up to 32Gb SD cards are supported. Probably the SD card has wrong format.


It’s a LEXAR 16 GB. I’ll try another. Thanks


Used same steps with a 4GB SanDisk card and it worked.


I did a quick search on Google, and it looks like there are 3 slightly different technology that are used in manufacturing SD cards.

First (the oldest) is SDSC or SD Standard Capacity.
Second is SDHC or SD High Capacity (formatted as FAT32).
And SDXC or SD eXtended Capacity.

Without further words, it seems like BeatBuddy currently supports only one of those types (likely SDHC).

You can try reformatting your SD card as FAT32 (but I would better just buy another SD card of no more than 32Gb - that is cheap and will work, but will your other SD card work after reformatting? Most likely, yes, but I wouldn’t risk)