SD card capacity and compatibility

How many songs should i be able to save on an sd card? I have a 32 GB Sandisk sd card and it only lets me save 45 songs. Is this normal? Can i save more songs?
Also, i have only found 1 sd card that seems to work when downloading songs. Can someone recommend some specific cards that work? They seem to be hard to come by.

On a 32GB card you can store thousends of songs. Did you maybe accidentally switch the little lock on the side of the card? So it is locked for writing?

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As renevmind suggests, please check that you did not accidentally lock your SD card. If this does not solve your issue, use “get info” on your SD card to make sure you did not change the capacity of the card. I base this on your previous posts where you mentioned formatting or checking the card format to verify that it was FAT32.

In reply to your previous posts about card types, see Copying songs to sd card - #5 by persist