SD Card comes up No Name on my MacBook pro

Trying to update the firmware 1.9 to the latest version. everything is fine till I insert the SD card which comes up as No Name on the mac. I can use the card in the pedal but can not do much else to update at this point.
Any ideas or insight?

Uhhhhh - they always come up as No Name. Mine has been No Name forever. There is no problem with updating the firmware on it. If you are unable to drag the new firmware files to the card, you might have the lock on the card slid into the lock position. Check that, and make sure it is unlocked. Then, try dragging the firmware files to the card again. After that, eject the disc from the Mac and insert it in you BB pedal. The pedal should begin the firmware update process all by itself. It may take a minute or so. Just let it do its thing.

If the card No Name is upper and lower case, the card was probably formatted for a Mac and it will have to be reformatted to MS DOS (32 Bit).

If it displays as NO NAME, just check to make sure the slide on the side of the card is open (away from lock, printed on the side of the card).

If you prefer, you can change the name to something else. Just click the name field and give it a different name.

OK so what I needed to do was to go to the Disk Utility. There it was mounted which seem to allow the computer to recognize the SD. I then downloaded the update agin and it worked. Thanks for the replies! A bot confusing at first.