SD Card contents

I downloaded the SD Card Backup that I found in the download section. Within that, I find a folder called MIDI Loops - Content 1.2. This is where all the midi files are. I’ve actually opened some of them in EZ Drummer. However, when I mount the SD card to my computer, THAT folder isn’t there. I saw the PARAMS, SONGS, DRUMSETS, and EFFECTS folder. But not the MIDI loops folder. I was assuming that is how I would add midi drum beats.

Maybe all this will become clearer once the Manager comes out.

It’s a bit strange what you are describing.

Nevertheless, unfortunately that is NOT how one adds new beats to a BeatBuddy :frowning:
I know nothing about how to make a new BeatBuddy song (BBS) from MIDI files without using manager software (that is to be released very soon).