SD Card "damaged" after loading default content and re-inserting into computer

I’m using a Gigastone 8GB SD card for my BeatBuddy and formatted it for a fresh install of the default content library on Win10. While it’s clean, there is no problem, but after I’ve loaded all the content onto the SD Card, re-inserting it into the computer tells me that there is a problem with the drive and that it needs to be “repaired.” This does not seem to affect its functionality with the Beatbuddy itself, but it does create problems with BBManager when it tries to read the drive for some reason. The SD Card is not locked, and troubleshooting the drive with a Windows scan turns up no issues. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!

Is it formatted as FAT32? If not, please do so.
Are you connecting the pedal via USB to your computer to load the default content and then putting the card into your computer slot reader? If so, avoid connecting the pedal to your computer and using it as an SD card reader.
Are you placing the default content at the top level of your SD card? If not, please do so.
You might download a fresh copy of the default content, unzip, and copy the contents of the enclosing folder to your SD card that’s inserted in your computer.