SD card does not work after downloading premium

I have now spent 3 hours trying to get my SD card to work after downloading premium content.

As instructed, I deleted everything off the original BB card after backing it up on to my hard drive. Then downloaded all of the premium content, and unzipped it right onto the blank card. Put the card into BB: No song

Then repeated the steps with a blank card of my own. Same result.

I then went back to original card, deleted all of the new content, and then re installed the original content. Same result; no song

What am I missing?

Are all the folders and files on your card contained within a single folder? If so, those files and folders should be at the top level of your SD card.

You should start off by opening the premium project from your card using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Once it opens you’ll be prompted to save it to your computer and you should do so as well as accepting the prompt to synchronize your project with the SD card.

If you already have the premium project open in the BBM, export the project to your SD card.

Let us know how it goes.