SD Card Error


I just received my BeatBuddy and after inserting the SD card it will not show any of the Drum sets or Songs. This is what it shows.
Update: NONE
L-Channel: OFF
R-Channel: OFF

Why am i not seeing any instrument sounds or Drum Sets, Tempo etc? I checked the SD Card and i am inserting it correctly. I also checked the SD Card on my computer and it has data on it. If anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it. Thanks.


That sounds very strange, I would try the following fix documented here.


Yeah, that’s a really weird message you have there!

If you have another SD card (up to 32Gb) to test the following steps - it would be great. Here are the steps from the link above for visibility:

  1. Completely erase / format the SD card
  2. Download content from or my MIDI Sync fixed one from
  3. Download original firmware from
  4. Unpack both archives from step 2 and 3 to the SD card.
  5. Plug it into BB and unplug the USB cord. Your BB should update firmware and be ok!