SD Card File Structure

I’m starting to get a feel for importing songs and drum sets. Obviously imported songs need to go into a folder and I started naming those folders by the artist name, so far so good.

My iPad running (Songbook Pro) has MIDI commands to look for a BB folder number (LSB 0-127) and a song within that folder (Program Number 0-127) All works great. However, as my collection expands if I insert a folder in the middle (say INXS) all the following folders are now in a new position and no longer MIDI linked properly. The solution is to add folders chronologically BUT the new artists will not be in alphabetical order and will be hard to find if I use the foot pedal controls. Hence my question:

What file structure should I consider to maximize organization and still maintain MIDI functionality?

Any insight is appreciated.

For playing live I simply have folders named “OrderedSongs1” and so on (once it has 99 I create a new one and increment the number) and have Bandhelper programmed to look for the folder and song…then just simply keep adding songs. I found out that doing folders per artists gives the problem you have above.

Just what I do!


Appreciate the insight. I’m not familiar with Band Master and will do some research.

Correction, Band Helper.