SD card inquiry

I acquired a beat buddy with a 4G SD card. When I plug it in it says no songs. I loaded the card onto my PC and the are files on the card. data, DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAM, SONGS, beatbuddy default content 2.1, and hash.bcf. Are these the factory files? There are sub files under the SONG file, but how do I access them on the machine, if in fact those are songs in the sub file? Thanks.

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Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). You should also download and read the Quick Start Guide if you haven’t done so yet.

Thanks, I don’t get an error message, just no songs flashing.

Please post a screenshot of the SD card’s contents. Make sure that the very first window that appears when you open it up on your computer is what is shown in the screenshot.

Do you mean you see a blank white screen? Can you post a photo of what you see?

My pc is giving me problem trying to take a screen shot. this download link is what’s on the card

When I open it there are 5 yellow folders titled in order of appearance “data, DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAM, SONGS” There are two white folders under the yellow folders that say in order of appearance “beatbuddy default content 2.1, and hash.bcf.”

And those are immediately the items that show right when you open the SD card itself? Sometimes people put the folder that contains those items (named “BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project”) on the SD card and then open that folder and tell me that those items are in the root. I just want to make sure that this is not happening here.

If those are in the root, I recommend trying a different SD card, a new one, 4-32 GB in capacity, unformatted.

Let me know what happens.