SD Card isn't recognized?

I just received my AEROS today. I thought I’d put an SD card into the machine before I started creating songs and building my library…but no joy! The AEROS doesn’t seem to see the card. I’ve reviewed the manual…and it doesn’t have much to day.

I formatted the card on a Windows 10 machine to FAT 32 in both 32 and 64 kilobytes, but that didn’t make a difference.

Also, UNLIKE my BeatBuddy-- where the card meets resistance as its pushed in and clicks into place-- the card just slides smoothly into the AEROS and stops. It’s not the same feel as card going into the BEATBUDDY at all. Is this normal or possibly part of the problem?

I don’t think your AEROS is at fault. The SD slot is different than the BB’s in that it isn’t spring loaded.

It should be formatted as FAT 32.

Not sure that all of the firmware features have been developed yet for our AEROS’ to recognize and do anything with the SD card. For the time being, your AEROS does not need an SD card to function. Keep checking the Singular Sound web site (or your pedal for updates) for firmware updates and the user guide which is at rev10. Although p22 of the user guide shows icons for the pedal and the SD card, I don’t don’t see either one on my pedal in firmware 2.8.2 which seems to be available today.

Same issue here. Are you saying the SD card is not supported yet and it will be in a future update?

Browsed the User manual for the Aeros for saving and loading songs/WAV files via USB and did not see mention of it. Lacking SD card capability presently I assume USB would be the only method to save/backup files until a firmware update is issued. Is there a function to open and close the onboard Areos memory as a drive to facilitate transferring of files?

Hi. I have the exact same problem. I tried 3 different SD cards of different sizes, and tried FAT, FAT32, exFAT without any success. From page 22, I would expect the AEROS icon to be there for each song, and maybe the icon for SD greyed out if no SD card is present. Nothing there. SO I suppose this is not available in the latest firmware: I am on 2.8.2.

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