SD-card question

I have a backupfile (bbp.) on my SD-card. Is it normal?
I didn’t consciously put it there.

If what you are referring to is this, it is not a backup file, it is part of the project and it is normal.

Yes, it’s still a BeatBuddy project :grinning:
How did it get there? I’m only guessing here but:

  • It’s possible that you had opened the project from your SD card (using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)) and when prompted to save it to your computer bbworkspace, you might have given it a name such as “Backup from SD card (and the date)”
  • That project would have now been active in the BBM and if you did not change it by opening a different project and if you exported from the BBM, that’s what ended up on your SD card.
  • How to tell which project is open in your BBM? Hover over Project Explorer, which is just below the Virtual Machine and it should show the project name and complete path:

If you determine that it was something different that happened, it would be interesting to hear.

Thanks for your help. Now I have another question. Once I’ve made the change, I want to get it over to the SD card. Then I get this message.

Changes are only found in the manager not on the SD card. What am I doing wrong?:sleepy:

Forget my last message. :crazy_face:
Thank you very much for your help:grinning::grinning: