SD card Questions

Seems like I’m loading up the SD card pretty fast but in reality probably not even close.
I wanted to ask Tech support if it is possible to purchase any generic SD card of any size and use it in the BB?

I know the answer may be obvious but I’m asking mostly to get verification.

I’m not one to wait for a problem to happen :slight_smile:


Any SDHC carb 4Gb or larger should do. Some users report that the 8Gb and 32Gb cards seem to be a little quicker. YMMV

Sounds good. When you get a new card is there any prep work that needs to be done to the card before loading up a BB Project or is it just Plug in and Load up ?

I usually back up my existing SD card to an image file (Mac user) and then restore the image to a fresh SD card.

It’s not quite as simple as loading just your BB project on to your new card. Your new SD card needs the same files on it as your existing SD card. That’s why I use the image process. If you’re using Windows, you can use Win32DiskImager (Google it) to make a backup image. Some users just copy the contents of their existing SD card to a folder on their desktop and then copy those files to (to the root level of) their new SD card (but I’ve never tried that so can’t tell if it works or not).

ok great info thank you for taking the time to explain this to me appreciate it .

For giggles 'n grins, I tried the “copy files from my existing SD card” to a folder on my desktop and from there copied them those files to the root level of a new blank SD card and the new card works in my pedal.

BTW, max size of the card that will work on the pedal is reported to be 32Gb. Although the card that came with your pedal is a Class 4 card, a Class 10 card should work and speed up read/write times.

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ok I’m going to copy this info for future ref. although - I may just buy a new backup card within the next few days

Have you ever max out the Card that the BB came with yet ?

Nah. Not even close–just 644Mb so far. I only load a project based on need. Steady performers may load up more folders in their project, though.

I’m still playing with BB and getting us to paneling parts while playing
so I’m loading up any song that I’m interested in that I find on the beat area of the forum for practicing.

You can only have one project at a time on an SD card but you can build as many projects as you want on your computer. If you’re willing to tailor projects to needs (e.g. genre, which band you’re playing with etc.), you don’t need to have everything (all drum kits, all songs) on the card. You can just load the stuff you need for that event, as a project, onto the card.

I don’t have a clue where my ad card or beatbuddy manager is on my computer. I’m totally in the dark with beatbuudy stuff???

Text is no good for me, the only way I can learn this is if someone FaceTime me.