SD Card Recognized by computer or BB

The SD Card that is working in the BB is not being seen by my mac running El capitan. I have the SD card in the BB with a USB cable and no go. I have also tried a card reader and the mac error message is card not readable by this mac.

Any ideas as I have purchased songs but can’t get them on the SD card using BB manager.

It should work without issues. I’ve use SD cards with every OS version from Yosemite to High Sierra. Make sure the write prevent tab on the SD card is in the unlocked position. If it appears to be correct, move it back and forth just to be sure it is properly seated and then try again. As long as the card is, in fact, working in the BB, it should mount in the Mac OS.

I take it your computer does not have an SD slot reader? Sorry, the answer seems obvious since you’ve tried an external card reader . . . .

Make sure your SD card is not locked (small slide shutter on the side of the card).

If you insert a flash drive in your USB port, do you see it on your desktop or in a Finder Sidebar window under Devices? This is where you should typically see the card or a flash drive. For example, my card is named UPSTAIRS in the screen shot:
With your SD card in the pedal and with the pedal power off, connect the USB cable to your Mac port, power the pedal back up. Does the pedal appear as a device? If still not, open Disk Utility and if the device appears there, take a screen shot and post it to this thread, please. Should look somewhat like this screen shot

If still no joy, when you disconnect the USB cable from your Mac, do you get a “Device not ejected properly” alert?

With the USB cable disconnected, power your Mac and your pedal down. Leave the USB cable (or card reader) disconnected. Power the Mac back up. Connect either the pedal USB cable or the the card reader and power the cable back up. Anything?

If none of these works, can you try the SD card in another computer? Either Mac or PC, doesn’t matter.

Ok, SD card is unlocked. When inserted it wants me to initialize. When I try to do this with disk utility it gives me this error message
flash drive works fine
pedal does NOT appear as a device.
it basically does not recognize my SD card as it is not formatted for the mac nor will it allow me to. CARD type is PNY performance 16GB 3.5 HD videos reads on the card.

I am going to purchase another SD card. What kind should I use to work with the BB?

SDHC in any of these sizes: 4/16/32Gb CL 10

Comes formatted already so do not try to format the new card.

Sounds like you have a used pedal and it did not come with the factory SD card. You can try to format your existing card as MS DOS 32 bit but not sure if the card will allow it.

update. turned out to be a bad port on the multi card reader.

Good to hear you figured it out