SD Card shows as 2GB?

When I connect my BB to my PC over USB, the internal storage shows as a 2GB disk, when the card is a 4GB card. Is this normal? I went through the recovery procedure outlined here to recover from a bricked BB and I wonder if the smaller SD card is a side effect of that operation.

My main computer doesn’t have an SD Card reader so I haven’t tried looking at it by plugging it that way instead. If the 2GB isn’t normal, then I can look into it further.

While I’m at it, I have an 8GB SD Card, I assume it can be supported by the BB? How does it need to be formatted?

The card that shipped with your pedal should have been a 4Gb. Please provide a link to the source for the image that you used to restore your SD card. Thanks

Users report using up to 32Gb SD cards. The CL 10 cards reportedly have slightly faster transfer rates. You should not have to format new SD cards. But in case you have to, Windows 32-bit.

Thanks for the info. I do have to format that card, it’s not new but was used to a boot a processor evaluation board under linux.

It also sounds like something went wrong when recovering the SD card to unbrick my phone last night since it only shows 2GB. I’ll throw a partitioning utility at it and see if I can extend its working partition or otherwise figure out the issue. I’m guessing I won’t need a larger card unless I purchase some of the premium content.

Even with the newer firmware and the default project content, it takes up ~750Mb. You should have room until you start adding lots of drum sets and other content. Some users don’t need all of the genres in the folders and they get rid of it to create more room for the stuff in their Projects.

Even with the purchase of the premium content, you are unlikely to need a larger SD card. The SD card itself is supposed to be 4 GB. If you suspect that your included SD card is not that size or it may be defective in some way, we’ll be more than happy to send you a new one in the mail.

I think I may need to take you up on that offer, something definitely is not right:

Windows sees the card that shipped with BeatBuddy as as 2G only:
But the windows 7 disk manager sees it as an 8G device only partially allocated:

MiniTool’s partition manager also sees it as an 8G device, but if I try to extend the partition it fails due to “I/O Error”

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