SD card size...


What is the largest SD card that can be used in the Beat Buddy. Mine arrives tomorrow and I want to be ready! I have a 64Gb card, but some of my devices can’t use one that large. Should it be formatted as a FAT32 disk? I use a Mac…


As far as I know (from reading BeatBuddy User Manual), maximum supported SD card size is 32 Gb.
Please try that SD card tomorrow with the BeatBuddy, and tell us whether it worked or not.

If I am not mistaken, there should be 4Gb SD card shipped with the unit, so you can use the BeatBuddy right away!


I just made a folder on my puter …
copied the contents of the 4 gig SD included with the pedal,
copied them to a 32 gig SD card for future beats & patterns.
plugged it back in , & it works beautifully !
…now , we wait for software upgrade release. :roll: