SD Card Speed and BB performance

The 4GB SD card that came with my BB appears to be a Class 4. Does anyone know if using a faster class card, such as a Class 10, will speed up the load times of songs/drum kits to any significant degree?

Not complaining, but simply wondering if the few seconds it takes to load a new kit could be reduced with a faster card.

Anyone out there try a different SD card?

I am actually wondering the same thing.

Surely someone on this forum has upgraded the memory card?

And merry christmass everyone :slight_smile:


I can confirm that BeatBuddy works with different SD cards, though I am not able to comment on the speed. As far as I understand it, the speed of SD card is not a bottle-neck when loading drum sets. Most likely you will see approximately the same result.

But beware, as BeatBuddy doesn’t support 64+Gb SD cards!

Ok, thanks for the feedback.

With no speed enhancement on loading drumsets i think i will hold back on upgrading until i actually run out of space on the supplied SD card.

One SD card is not enough. I use 3 giving me two backups. I had an SD card fail, it’s scary even with 2 backups.

This may take a while. The 200 preloaded songs with all the drum set and firmware files take up less than 700 MB. :wink:

All 200 songs take up right at 20mb, at that rate, it will take somewhere around 40,960 songs to fill up 4gb of space… :slight_smile:

Actually, if one is relying on the BB for gigs, it makes sense to have a tested backup SD card.

its worth to buy a class 10 sd card. load times improve massively. today, you get a 8hb card for approx usd 10.

you can also create backups on your computer hard drive, just plug in the USB cable and use windows file explorer…

Right, counting those I have 4 backups. I have hours upon hours invested.

What are you all backing up? The entire BB SONGS folder?

You should backup 4 folders actually - SONGS, PARAMS, EFFECTS and DRUMSETS. This is the complete content.

For simplicity’s sake, can I just backup the BBSONGS folder and the BBWORKSPACE folder? It’s only about 800MB but it takes a while - prob 10-15min. I’m not finding all 4 folders you mentioned in post #14 above. I’m sorry - I’m very good navigating Windows but where these files are placed and how to locate them is very unorthodox.

I downloaded a program called FBACKUP 5. It’s free. It will backup both the BBSONGS and BBWORKSPACE folders above to an SD card in about 7 minutes. It can also be set to backup at any selected time - daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It does not do incremental backup (the “pay” version does) so each backup is FULL backup. Overkill, I guess ??

Well, using an external software to do basic things… It’s up to you to decide whether you need them or not. I don’t think I need any external tools for making backups - just copy the folder you want to save to somewhere else (where you can find it later).

Anyways, currently BBManager offers no way to easily find out where your project is located. I think I will fix that eventually.

You should look for those four content folders where you originally created your project. I cannot direct you any further with your question :frowning:
You can try using Windows search to find the folders by their name (by pressing F3 in Windows explorer).

The copy/paste function of Windows takes a bit longer. I downloaded this software thinking it would do incremental backups; but lo and behold, that’s a function of the upgrade (for a price), which doesn’t make sense to buy for the very reason you mention - you don’t really even need software. It will come in handy if I want to set it to backup automatically. 5 min later.…just realized Windows 7 has built-in backup/restore software. Download was a waste of time!

I appreciate your help and guidance. I know I’m probably wasting time doing this “full” backup but I don’t mind - as long as I’m not missing anything important in the backups.

What I do is have two extra SD cards that are kept current with my primary SD card. My PC is backed up often and could be restored.

I SYNCHRONIZE PROJECT after any changes to two separate SD cards, then do the excessive backup of everything as often as I remember. There’s also cloud software on this machine of the MY DOCUMENTS folder (and some others) that goes automatically, but that’s I’m not sure how to restore from that. I’d rather have that as emergency rather than primary.