SD card supported


Witch type of SD cards are supported for the BeatBuddy? and what is the maximum size in GB you can use?

What type of filesystem it has to be formatted?

I tried some things with a 16 GB Extreme Pro Sand disk SDHC 1 (95 MB/s) but the Beatbuddy doesn’t recognize the card. Done the same way with another SD card (simple one with 4GB (slow one)) with the same files and that will do the job. How can this be?

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The default and minimum recommended capacity and type is SDHC 4Gb, Class 4.

The BeatBuddy will support SDHC Class 10 up to 32 Gb. No need to format a new card as it is already formatted to MS DOS 32 bit.

You can search this forum using “SD card” and there’s plenty of discussion and thoughts. TTP (tip, techniques and procedures): Make sure your SD card is not locked and if you’re a gigging musician, always have a backup SD card of your setlist.

Unless you have lots of folders and hundreds and hundreds of songs and drum sets in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) project, the default card that comes with your pedal is more than adequate (both size- and speed-wise). Some users report that faster (class 10) cards will load songs and drum sets faster than the default card but I’m not sure that the times are that meaningful NOTE: I measure response time not in milliseconds but rather in amounts of beer potentially consumed during pauses between songs.

I have a gazillion songs and a bazillion drumkits, and it does not quite fill a 16GB card. A 32GB card will handle everything quite well, and the standard 4GB works for most normal humans.