Sd card Sync

gud day ya’all…

  evrytime i edit or create a new song on BB manager, i cant sync it on th SD card? 

i have to plug in the BB pedal just to sync a new song…
Can somebody help…thanks!

Unless you need the song on the pedal, there’s no need to sync the BBM to the SD card every time you edit or create a new song. Just save your Project often as you go along.

If you have an SD card slot reader on your computer, use that instead of synching via the USB cable method. It makes the process much easier than having to connect your pedal to your computer every time you need to sync a project.

Thanks man…
But the problem is…everytime i sync to the ad card slot…it says “sd card write protected”

Probably means that the slide lock on the side of the SD card is locked. Check that the slide is in the ‘open’ position.

thanx man…i appreciate that! big help!