SD Card won't copy new project

I deleted a couple songs in a set, then set them back up with new beats in the correct position in the original set. Saved the project and checked to see if the beats were correct and in the correct order; and they were. I then tried to export to SD card but when I tried the uploaded SD card in my beatbuddy the old beats were still on the card. I then checked to make sure the card was not locked and it was not locked. I tried another backup SD card to load and the same thing happened. The old beats are on the cards, not the new beats that are on my computer. Can someone assist me?

It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly.

Insert the SD card in your computer SD slot reader
Select all contents on your card and delete; Empty Trash or Recycle Bin
Quit BBM and then restart it
BBM File - Export - Project to SD card

Let me know your computer OS version and the exact description of the alert or dialog that appears on screen.

Thank you for your reply, Persist. I will certainly try this when I get home from work today. If I encounter any trouble, I will be sure to inquire further for information. I’m sure this will help.
Have a great day!

I followed you steps exactly. However, when I started File-Export-Project to SD card, it wanted to download but I got an error message; “Unable to create destination folder: Drumsets”!
I just went to the project folder, clicked “Select All” to copy contents. The pasted contents into the SD card. For some miracle, it worked!!
I know this is NOT how to do this but I thought, what the heck can it hurt to try??
I still don’t understand why it’s not copying my project to my SD card. It seems to copy everything but the Drumbeats!

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I have the same problem today. I updated and re-arranged songs for tomorrow nights gig. Then I went to File-Export-Project to SD card, it seeded to start but then I got an error message; “Unable to create destination folder: Drumsets”! Hmmm… I walked through a fews steps that I found here, but no luck.

I am on version and running it on a MacBook Air with 12.2.

I also sent an email. Please help. Gig tomorrow.

This link should help When the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) doesn’t launch (or export a project to the SD card) in newer versions of the macOS