SD card works in one unit but not in another - same firmware rev

Troubleshooting the headphone window displaying problem reviled some how related to SD cards. Down loaded the project but did not Sync and the headphone window quit showing up. While doing this and reloading the 141 firmware found that my backup 4 gig SD card that works fine in my year old unit will not work in the new BeatBuddy I just bought as a backup. The new unit will not even power up with the MAX 4 gig card but works fine in the old unit. I bought a second unit as back up but does not seem 100% compatible with the year old unit with both at rev 141???

This might sound funny and may not be the problem, but check both cards and see if the little lock button on the side is set so that information can be exchanged. If I recall, the Beat Buddy configures the SD Card on initial setup and puts information on the card possibly, and the two machines might be slightly different enough that each machine might have to put information of it’s own on the card. The pedal will not save any information if that little tab button on the side is in “Safe Lock”. Just a thought and it might not hurt to check it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks for the reply. No the SD protect tab is not the problem it’s always in the unprotected unlocked position so it can be sync’ and/or reloaded as needed. The MAX SD card is not sync’d to the project manager and works perfectly in the old Beat Buddy unit without the Headphone volume window showing up but the MAX card will not work in the new Beat Buddy unit. I downloaded both Original SD cards without syncing the project to the manager and no more Headphone volume window problem. I will buy a Sandisk SD card and repeat the process to try to achieve 100% comparability between both units… Does tech support see these forum posts?

Yes, Tech Support reads these forums all the time. Somewhere, there is a place to send info direct to the Support Team but I don’t know where it’s at. This site may be the one.
I am assuming that you received a new Beat Buddy SD Card with the new unit. Does this original new card play in the old machine? Also, try the original SD Card that came with the older unit and try to see if it plays in the newer unit. The Max SD Card you are referring to, is that your working or backup card? Try using the Sync on both units just for thought but use a new SD Card for that purpose. Do you have the BB Manager latest version?
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

@Jerry H - Is there a power issue with your second unit? It’s not turning on at all? Or are the beats not showing? What precisely is happening? If the new unit won’t even power on, it may be an issue with the power supply…

Also, if you prefer - you can email us directly at :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. The new BB works fine with its original SD. The new BB also works fine with the older BB’s original SD. I have a 4 Gig MAX SD card I use as a working/giging SD card that works great in the older BB… but when I put the MAX SD in the new BB it won’t power up at all (dark screen) and when I take the MAX SC out it powers up OK. I’ve also tried different power supplies. Question was has anyone seen this with before with other SDs. The MAX is obviously not compatable with the New BB but is with the Old BB??? I will buy some new Sand Disk SDs and try them. I need both BBs to be 100% compatable incase I have a failure on the road. Having one BB work with a perticular SD and the other newer one doesn’t is not in my comfort zone.

Also I do not sync the poject I “Export” the entire project now and the Headphone Volume screen quit randomly displaying… Thanks

How did you come out? Did you get anything resolved? It sounds like it was a bad SD Card. Worse case scenario, not adviseable, but you could use one of your original SD Cards for both units and put all of your new songs on it. At least, you’ll have something that works if the new SD cards won’t. I have a 32 Gigabyte Grade 10 that I use for my main card because it is a little bit faster. I know I won’t ever use all the storage it has but it works great and there is no download time in the pedal. It’s all right there, right now. Let me know how you come out. Oh, you gentlemen have a nice sound. Keep it up.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Yes, that’s basically what I did just cloned both BeatBuddys by exporting the entire project from the manager that includes all the original kits and songs, my custom kit, three different gig lists 40 songs each, and a sound check folder of beats to setup and mix a room. So the original SD cards are the same and interchangable in both units. After this weekend’s gigs I’ll do the same with some new SD cards and use them as working cards. I did not sync the projects and the Headphone display has stopped showing up. Thanks for the advice.

Glad to help in anyway that I can. I’ve been playing music for 60+ years and still at it at the age of 74. I am still very active at it and I play music in my music room every night. I don’t “Play Out” anymore because of a bad back which has me kind of dissabled. I play a very busy “Fingerstyle” guitar and am still active at it. I had a few surgeries this last year that bothered my left hand pretty bad (Carpel Tunnel & Unlner Nerve Damage) but it is getting much better and the numbness is slowly dissapearing. I play a lot of easy single string along with the Beat Buddy and with the looper, I have over 300 Rhythm Tracks that I play to. I created all the Rhythm tracks with my guitar and I also play Bass, so along with the BB, I am having a ball. Too much fun, it must be illegal.
Keep up the music and do it your way. That makes you unique. I played Chet Atkins in my early years, but now I play me using all my fingers on both hands. I play all different kinds of music so I am not limited to any particular style. Of course, I played country, but I also like Blues and Jazz.
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I see you are located in Houston. I’m a little bit North of Austin in a little town called Copperas Cove, Tx. about 10 miles West of Fort Hood in Killeen, Tx, so I am about 250+ miles away from Houston. Lived in Houston from 1977 to 1984. Played a lot of music there. Was in two bands at the same time besides my 40 hour job. One day, I’ll take a trip down there.
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