sd card...

i was just thinking… the sd card that comes with the beatbuddy is at 4gb…
would it be of any use to get a bigger one, or is there no point in doing so?
i’m thinking you should be able to store more drums and songs in the bb that way…?

Default content project takes only at about 650Mb. This leaves you with a plenty of space for your own songs and drum sounds!

If you take a faster SD card, drum sets loading time can become a bit faster. Other from that, you are good to go with the shipped one.
Having a backup SD card (with the same content) could be very handy for live performance situations. If anyhow your SD card gets corrupted, you can always resort to sticking and using another one swiftly!

ok, thanx for the info:-)

I went and bought actually two 4GB Cards. They came two in a pack. I immediately copied everything from the original SD card and put the original away. I took one of the new ones, added my own ideas and put that one in the Beat Buddy. I took the other one and keep it updated with all my new “Tracks”, then all I have to do is plug it in the Beat Buddy and I am set to go. I have the “Beat Builder” software and use it all the time to create, modify, and enhance all the different styles. It takes time and patience but it’s all worth it to create what you want. I’m having too much fun. It must be illegal! But, of course, it’s not.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I bought a 32G card and i found it to work way faster loading the drum sets

I just happened to have a Class 10 32GB card laying around that I had used for a backup copy of the original Beat Buddy SD card. I put my latest Project on it and put it in the Pedal and you’re right, it loads much faster like right now. Thanks for the tip. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Gotta try that…Thanks!!