SD card

Lost everything on SD card beatbuddy pedal window flashes off and on

Read downloaded everything onto SD but did not work

Did you try the steps from

If you did and that still did not work, try an abbreviated recovery. This is based on my assuming that you still have all of your songs and drum kits showing up in the BBM. If you don’t have them showing up in the BBM, then you should follow the steps from the link above.
[]Make sure your SD card is not locked.
]Download, unzip and install firmware 2.0.4 to your SD card using the slot reader—not the USB cable. Eject the SD card.
[]With the power off on your pedal, insert SD card and then power up.
It should display “Updating firmware”
]If that works, power the pedal down, remove SD card and put it back in your computer SD slot.
[*]BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card and follow the on screen prompts to Synchronize
If this still doesn’t work, you should contact Support via e-mail or Conversation

thanks try to download that site comes up as error

Hi, Terry.
Oops. I see what was wrong—it was the question mark at the end of the link. Sorry, try again.

Okay I’ll try it again, beatbuddy manager still has everything on it, when I open SD card it shows everything it just won’t upload into the beatbuddy pedal window flashes blue and white off and on drum kits show up that’s all

Tried that link again comes up as error again

Okay. This should work now. I used to be able to paste a copy of a URL into a post. Looks as if something has changed.

Try this. If this still fails, search the forum for General Disaster Recovery