SD disapears for a second

Intermittently while I am playing. The SD disappears on the unit then comes back. It is about a second in duration. Then when it comes back the drum set needs to reloaded and then I have to start song over again.

Its very intermittent. I tried to wiggle the SD to see of that would re create the issue but, it does not.
Any ideas other then reloading all the firmware?
Rich O

Try rebuilding your SD card first - save the project on your SD card to the computer, do a full formal (not quick) of the SD card or buy a new SD card. Put the project on the fresh SD card.

4GB cards are cheap - just get a new one and rebuild it. RAM deteriorates over time - it’s only good for so many writes and re-writes. There’s some error detection/correction built into the chips but eventually, RAM will fail. Formatting the old one is easy and you don’t have to go to the store so trying that first only costs you a little time and will give you an indication that the SD card might be the source of the problem.

Is this just visual, or is this cutting out the audio as well? Either way, it is a very good idea to try loading the SD Card Backup files on a different SD card to see if the SD card itself or its files are the issue.

Get the SD Card Backup from our downloads page:

Keep an eye on you patch cables as well…
Mine does the same symptoms … I will try the new sd card i have and advise here

I swapped to a new 16gig card ($10). Played a gig last night and problem is gone. Thanks for the advise.
FYI, it wasn’t just visual it would stop working and reload.
Good now though.