SD Slot Latch No Longer Working

I bought a BeatBuddy in Feb 2018 & my SD cards no longer latch
After Googling this type of problem, I checked the slot with a magnifying glass & flashlight but could see no foreign objects so I assume the latch is broken

I live in Canada & was hoping you could provide me with a part number for the slot so I can have a local electronics repair shop replace it for me

thanks in advance

Your pedal has a two-year warranty so please contact and see what they can do for you.

I don’t think exact fit replacements parts are available for the pedal so that would probably be hit-and-miss.

Also, there is a very slim chance that the problem is the card, not the slot. Have you tried another card?

And Hi from a fellow Canuck!


Hey JoeInOttawa

Yes, I use 3 different cards & they all do the same thing
the SD card slides in & out OK, but…-
1 - it doesn’t click when you first put it in
2 - it doesn’t “pop” out when you push it to remove it
3 - sometimes you have to slide in & out a few times before the BeatBuddy recognizes it

The good news is that Singular has offered to replace the entire unit but…
1 - I live in Canada & have to send it to Florida. That will cost nearly $70
2 - They will mail me another unit but I am concerned about customs when the unit crosses the border as I once had to pay $300 customs costs on $400 worth of car decals that were shipped to me in Canada

Not sure what to do

I saw what you did, there, KevinInNewBrusnwick…


I’ve had one of mine replaced as well. In that case, their shipper knew enough to either provide the right paperwork so CBSA understood it was a replacement for one being returned, or they paid that charge (I don’t recall which). Either way, it arrived at my door gratis.

How long have you had your BB? Is it still under warranty? I believe they carry a 2-year warranty, and this sounds like a hardware failure that I would think would be covered.

Finally, I don’t remember it costing me anything close to $70 to ship mine back, and they turned them around pretty quick.

BTW, where in NB? My daughter is in St Andrews.

If you are still hesitating to send in your pedal to do an in-warranty exchange, watch this video to see if it applies to your situation:

If a part is broken and stuck in the slot, you might be able to dislodge it by tapping the slot side down into your palm. If the slot parts are sticking, you might be able to squirt a little DeOxit on the mechanism to loosen it up.

My recommendation is to take advantage of Support’s offer to exchange your pedal.

Just recognize that you could invalidate your warranty by following any of the above.

Thanks Persist…I had already checked the slot with a magnifying glass & a flashlight…nothing there

We live outside of Saint John

Hey JoeInOttawa

You were right on the shipping…it will only be about $20…the “kg” box was checked instead of “lbs”
We bought it on Amazon in Feb 2018
Singular has offered to replace it so off it goes to the warm sun in Miami


The Singular guys stand behind their products and take care of their customers (Jay for President 2020!), so I’m happy (but not surprised) to hear they’re going to take care of you. They are probably the best company to deal with upon whose gear I rely to be a part-time musician.

We should probably take this offline, but, hey, it’s your thread, so I’ll go one more time: What kind of stuff do you play?

Hey Joe
My wife & I are a duet
We play a range of what everyone now calls “classics” in country, rock & pop
The BeatBuddy has transformed our music with about 800 songs programmed in since we bought the pedal in Feb 2018
ALL are beats that either came with the unit, were bought from GrooveMonkey, programmed myself & even a dozen or so MIDI files from the Internet
ALL have been modified to improve levels, cymbal work, timing issues etc using the BBM PC software

How about yourself?

Might be time to take this offline – I’ll PM you.

  • UPDATE *
    I did send my BeatBuddy with the broken SD card slot latch to Singular in Miami
    Joe sent me a brand new unit free of charge
    The whole process took less than 2 weeks

Super thanks to SINGULAR & JOE for a great product & great product support!!!

By “Joe,” did you mean to say ”Jay”? :crazy_face:

Oops…that was Jay!

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