Searching Folsom Prison Blues

Hi all,
I was looking for the song Folsom Prison Blues with Bass,
I think it was available in the old forum but I do not find it here, if there is someone who has it available I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

This one?

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I’ve tried it with the Sub STD Pro PL Bass 62-91, and it seems to work well too. Thank you. I am very grateful. Tomorrow I will try it with my group.

Sometimes it helps to narrow your song search to the forum section where it could most likely be found (Resources Song Files). Instead of searching in all of the forum sections, try an Advanced Search with the most unique word in the song title. In this case, Folsom. You can use my search result as an example. If you can remember the user’s name that posted it, that helps to narrow it down even further.

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Okay, thanks, I’ll keep it in mind for future searches.