Searching for Beats

Is there a way to search for user-contributed beats that I’m missing? When I search the user-contributed area, I find some what-look-like song posts that I’m looking for, but most of them are just discussion, with no .sng file. Is there some place where the .sng files are organized in a better fashion?

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I was under the impression that old site was going away and only had old archived content there which eventually would be transferred to this new site. I’m now seeing new posts with freshly uploaded content at the old presumably defunct site. Has SingularSound abandoned the the reason for switching to this new forum which was to have new content located here that presumably wouldn’t vaporize those musical data bits with an reckless stroke of a key.

They’re slowly up to nothing? :santa:

I agree. I love the BeatBuddy but really dissapointed in their ability to deliver any software support.

Can you imagine the BeatBuddy in the hands of someone with any abilities?
We would have 5-6 newer versions of the BBManager, we would have apps on Apple and Android to update the BeatBuddy through wireless midi, etc…

It is a real shame that they are failing to take a great product to the next level.

They will be out of business once some competition comes along.

Too bad. :frowning:

It was suggested that Singular make BBM open source… maybe it’s time?

And from what I know… they’re still working on porting the old RESOURCE section to the new forum.