Secret Agent Man (DOP, OPB, OPK(organ), OPBk in Em) 2017-12-27 - Johnny Rivers - 60's oldie

I’ve made several changes to rknrne’s file from October, but largely, this is based on his file. It is a very good version.

  1. I separated the DOP, OPB, OPK versions for those who want those files.
  2. I created a more comprehensive cheat sheet.
  3. I made a slight change to the harmony in the chorus. The source midi, which I have attached, and rknrne’s file have the chord change from C to B or B7 in the chorus happening earlier than feels correct to me. YMMV. The original files change harmony on the word “number.” I prefer to change harmony on the word “taken.”

    I retained use of the Rock with Bass and Hammond kit. It’s a fine kit that GarryA made.

    Package includes: 4 .sng files and corresponding midi parts. Source midi, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here


thanks for this 007 60’s track