Select different beat style without bend down~


Just got my beatbuddy, is amazing!

I realize I have to press up/down arrows or twist the knob to select different beat style.

Example (Blues -> Pop)
Step 1 : press left arrows
Step 2: twist the knob to select “Pop”

My beatbuddy footswitch only for song selection in same beat style, not able to select different beat style under “'Folder”. It is hands-free drum machine~

Do I miss something in the user manual? Is anyway I can select different beat style just using my foot. Because it really waste a lot of time during live performance.



This functionality is indeed very necessary and pretty often asked for. It will definitely be added somewhere in the future releases.


Yes, so now we only can wait for the software? And bend down to select different beat style when play next song? :o


I am also finding this annoying but I am assuming that when we get the software we can create a folder with a set list and then skip through all of the songs with the footswitch. Is that right?