Select folders and songs with external midi foot controller

Hi everyone,
I’m controlling my BB with a Morningstar midi foot controller, and it works perfectly for : Start, pause, stop, Drum fill, next and previous patterns.

I would like to program it to navigate in folders and songs …

I found CC 96 and CC 97 to increment or decrement … but don’t know if they could be used for folders and songs, and if so, what would be the programming?
Program changes? Control Changes? Values? Sequence?


Hey there, here is the full MIDI map of the BeatBuddy

Thanks Brennan,

I already had most of this information, and have been using it.

What I want to do however is to navigate in folders and songs, the way I can do it with the BB switcher, but using my midi foot controller.

CC-0 and CC-32 are used by OnSong to select a song on the BB.

Is there a command or combination of commands that would allow to scroll the songs and folders, one at a time ?


Looks like CC119 will do what you’re looking for

CC Number Value Action Firmware version added
CC-119 [0, 1] 0 scrolls down song/folder list, 1 scrolls up 3.8.0

Thank you,!

CC-119 works fine with scrolling songs or folders.

Would there be a CC to move from the songs list to the folder list, as when we do a long press on the BB footswitch ?

Eureka, I found it…

CC-118 enters folders.


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Newb here
using the external foot switch with BB stopped.
Could you walk me through the following.
using the bluetooth app
CTRL 1 dual foot switch?
switch mode?
CC ?
would be chuffed with any help

@Rmoi Hello there.

Morningstar made a very nice video (upon my request) about controlling the BB with any of their controllers. You can watch it here: