Select Song CC Command

I am able use select folder, scroll thru songs using the following:

|CC-118|[0-127]|Enters or Exits a folder|
|CC-119|[0, 1]|0 scrolls down song/folder list, 1 scrolls up|

How do I select the highlighted song?

I’m assuming you’re trying to select a song on the BeatBuddy? If so, I use the BB pedal itself (push the footpedal) for selecting the highlighted song. I don’t see (or know of) a BB MIDI command that lets you select the song like you can with the Aeros MIDI commands.

Perhaps SS can add a CC-119, Value 2 to the BB commands to select the highlighted song, similar to how the Aeros does it.

Yea, I use the pedal too. I will try 119 Value 2 tonight tho

Value 2 does not work :frowning:

I didn’t think it would…that “Value 2” is specific to the Aeros using a different command (CC-36). Like I said, AFAIK, there is no “Select” command for the BB, so once you get to your folder and song using CC-118 and CC-119 as you said, you have to use the BB pedal to select and load that song.

Perhaps @BrennanSingularSound can weigh in on the future possibility of adding a “Select” (CC-119, Val 2 maybe) MIDI command for the BB. :slight_smile:

Hey there, the only way to open a selected song is to press main pedal on BeatBuddy

For now this command is not a priority