Selecting drum patterns in Beat Buddy via Midi

I looked for a thread that discusses this issue, and if there is one and this is a duplicate, I apologize.

I want to call up a song in OnSong and transmit a Midi message that tells the Beat Buddy what pattern to play and at what tempo. Then I can step on my pedal and away I go.

Does anyone know how to do this? I purchased a IRig Midi2 hooked up to my IPad running OnSong and I am familiar with inserting Midi messages in OnSong I’m just not sure what message to send to BB to do what I want.

Thank you so much foe your assistance in this problem.

With the actual firmware it’s not possible send any MIDI Program change to BeatBuddy.
This possibility will be implemented in the future version of firmware.

Realy hope so! Thats what I´m looking for too.

I hope too, like the 99% of the BB user… :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your replies. I was hoping to hear something quite different.
So to set the record straight, BB will output Midi clock to a looper (or similar) but won’t respond to Midi messages.
I’m curious Tore, where you get your information? Are you part of the development team, or just a user like me?
I really enjoy the Beat Buddy and consider it a tool that I take to my gigs and Sunday worship. I am eagerly awaiting the refinements that are coming up.

No, Randy,
I’m just a user like you and many more in this forum.
I’m one MIDI Maniac and when I read “MIDI” in my instrument specification, I MUST USE IT!!!

So I studied the manual and I read all the threads in this Forum. Really ALL!!!

Edit: yes, Only MIDI Start, MIDI Clock and MIDI Stop Message, for the actually Firmware version, from and to the BB.

Currently BeatBuddy does indeed NOT responding to any MIDI messages.
Only a subset of MIDI clock, MIDI Start and MIDI Stop is supported currently.

Do you know if there is any intention of actually making the BeatBuddy responsive to MIDI inputs such as song selection? This would truly be awesome!

theyr plans are to make CC`s for every BB Pedal function…:smiley: There still is CC#117 for TapTempo in new unreleased FW. You can contact Support to get it:)
Merry X-Mas

Discussions on this are in the ‘Feature Requests’ section. IIRC

It works now. Controller #116 then whichever kit you desire.