Selecting tracks

how to go from track 3 back to track 2 on part one of a song and no other parts have been created but you accidentally adding a new track and you want to go back?

You have only one direction of going through the tracks - downwards. So you basically have to click twice or more to reach the previous track again. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to go backwards. Maybe by holding the select track button or using the wheel to give a command for up or down? :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Yes you must use the next track button as a toggle, if you press the next track button quickly enough (Like a double tap) you can cancel the next Track recording and select the first track of the part.

This is the easiest way to use all six tracks while only having one button to select them. With MIDI we hope to make all of this available to you with a useful midi controller.

We don’t want to change important behaviors right now, and the complexity of adding an unspecified command something that we’re not super keen on. Next track has to be on the press for the sake of recording right at the correct time especially when tracks are not synced or starting immediately. For this reason we cannot add a hold command to this button.

Thank you for your feedback, maybe there is a better way in the end, we are open to ideas(As long as they don’t change or get in the way of important functions) :slight_smile:

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you say select the first track of the part? how does this happen? coz you will be on track 2 so how does the selection of the first track happen?

you could change the function of the buttons by pressing say the start stop button in a certain way and then you could change the track select button to up and the other one on the right could be down

but every time you click down you start a recording no? automatically no? I get the toggle through feature but this automatic recording feature i think gets triggered if they are empty tracks

i thought the midi maestro already works as a midi controller - except this function is not assignable?

when you click on next tack (lets say track2) then a new recording starts but it doesnt start immediately, it starts on the right measure (it waits for the first measure/bar) and if you happen to click on next track before that measure, you can cancel the recording or move to the next track by quickly clicking again. This will automatically cancel recording on track 2 and just play track 1.

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oh brilliant thanks so that means you need to double click 5 times to get back to track one?

no, you double-click just once to go to Track 1. :slight_smile: You cannot record Track 3 if you haven’t recorded Track 2 yet.


i figured this out today it works really well and to be fair I am never going to have more than 3 tracks on any one part there is no need so clicking through the tracks will be pretty straightforward also means I am never that far away from the locked track which i can access and undo and redo if I need


this is not needed anymore I don’t think i would use three tracks in any one scenario so toggling through with one button is fine

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what is the point of the usb jack? is it defunct at the moment?

Nothing just yet, stay tuned


that is where the boss midi sync the opz in tempo sync and program changes