Selective Muting with beatbuddy and Aeros

Hey Y’all!

I have a beatbuddy and Aeros hooked up to one another, Along with the footswitch and there something I can’t figure out:

I want my left footswitch button to pause and bring back the drums on the beat (done, easy peasy!) and I want my right footswitch button to mute both the drums and the loops and then bring them back in anywhere within a loop.

I want to be able to pause everything (stop playback from the beatbuddy AND Aeros) and bring it back all back in together.

For example, I want to play my big, layered loop alongside the beatbuddy drummer, then drop everything for a measure or two so it’s just me singing and playing guitar, then bring everything back in again.

If I double tap the beatbuddy, I get the outro fill and the drums and tracks stop, which is great, but then when I start the beat again, the beatbuddy counts in and then starts. That’s no so bad if I get used to starting my beatbuddy a measure early, but I know in some instances I wouldn’t want the count-in.

Also, my Footswitch can pause and unpause the drums perfectly, but that doesn’t affect the tracks on the looper. So I can drop the drums and bring them back no prob, but the tracks are all still playing.

Having the whole “backing band” drop for a measure or two then come back in all at the same time would be dope. I’m still tinkering around and trying to figure things out, so hopefully I can find a solution, but it’s looking like I might need the maestro to do what I’m trying to do?