SelectSong does not work in Aeros 5.0

I want to use SongSelect to call songs directly from Maestro 1.1.7 on Aeros 5.0, but I can’t get it to work. Example of a song configuration:
SongSelect on
Command 1: cc0: 0 (MSB)
Command 2: pc 3
Command 1: cc0: 0 (MSB)
Command 2: pc 3
I suspect a bug in Aeros, since I can access songs in BeatBudy without any problems and Aeros behaves as follows:

  1. initial situation: according to the screen of Aeros I am in the song folder, where the song to be called is located.
  2. at the first SongSelect command via Maestro nothing happens.
  3. at the second SongSelect command via Maestro, ‘loading song’ appears and I end up on a screen that looks similar to the one when running a song. But it is much more rudimentary, with a thick vertical white line.
  4. only the Start/Stop-All button works and when I use it I get back to the main screen
  5. if I finally want to open the song via the Aeros switches, the round arrow that appears during a loading process appears, but it doesn’t disappear anymore
  6. I have no choice but to turn Aeros off and then on again.
  7. I have tried various things to exclude errors from me, all in vain.

Is this behavior known from Aeros? Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? I have been looking for a solution for a long time and have now given up.
Thank you very much for any feedback.


Hello there, this is a listed and known issue in 5.0.0 at this time, but thank you for reporting

Has there been any progress in resolving this issue?


5.0.3 is up and has a fix for this, yes

Great! I have updated to V5.03 and will try it again soon.

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Now that this is working in V5.03 have you had a chance to test it? I’d curious how someone implements it, Would you have to dedicate a button on the Maestro for each song you wanted to open?

You could do it this way yes, the BeatBuddy can also be set to send MIDI song select messages as it opens songs, or you should be able to use ONSong

The MM would need a button to handle each song select, that is correct!

Thanks for the question

Read more about song select in the manual

hello…couldn’t you change that with the individual keys on the MM?’s very cumbersome.

…from which version can the BB send songselect signals (to the Aeros)? how and when does this happen?can these songselect commands select a song on the aeros?

Please write to for help with this issue but yes the BeatBuddy can be set to send MIDI song select message to the out port, it will send the MIDI song select message that opens the song by default or will send MSB and PC only if set to Aeros mode

This can be set in BB in Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Song Select