Send CC at Record Start and End Intervals

Hi, I am loving my new Aeros Looper! After trying nearly every looper this is THEE ONE!

Id like to submit some feature requests.

My first request is when Aeros Starts a new tracks recording can it send a CC value ON (127) and when that New Track Recording ends send a CC value OFF ( 0 )?

*NOTE I am referring to when the recording Actually Starts recording (the start of the measure) and Actually Ends recording (the end of the measure), NOT when the Recording trigger is pressed.

The reason for this is it would enable any Daw … Ableton / Bitwig etc to sync there clip launcher recordings if they where slaved to Aeros.

The reason you would want to slave these daws to Aeros is it forces the Clip Launchers in these Programs to behave exactly like Hardware Loopers instead of there original Start every clip from the beginning mentality.

Here is a video of a fairly popular youtuber looper trying to get these results with an RC505 but ultimately falls short because of the above limitations.

Thanks so much for Listening!
All The Best