Send MIDI Note OUT - Footswitch Request

I think it would be a really nice utility to have an option for the Footswitch to send out an assignable MIDI CC#, so that pressing it can trigger functions on other external gear. The message would pass through based on if MIDI-OUT, THRU, or MERGE is selected or not, and send it out on the channel selected in the MIDI-OUT Settings. Sending the note shouldn’t affect anything the Beatbuddy does while playing, but can be helpful for when it acts as Master and you want to bypass it to control other gear. What do you think?

@BrennanSingularSound - Am I correct in my assumption that the BB foot pedal is a Control Voltage (CV) device? If so, could a CV to midi converter be used to satisfy this request?

Possibly. It makes more sense to keep it all within the same unit, though. One press of the footswitch could pass the message through to any device strung along a MIDI-Thru chain, saving a bunch of unnecessary cabling and adapter expense.

Wait I just thought of this, but could you use a programmable 5DIN MIDI footswitch to do what the CV footswitch does instead? So hooking something up to the BB’s OUT MIDI jack like Gecko MkIII, I could set CC#111 to pause/unpause, or accent hit CC#110, to act just like the CV footswitch, and program the third switch to send out something else to my other devices along a single MIDI chain, seeing as the BB MIDI breakout cable can act as a THRU. This would save space, albeit at an extra expense. It could also hypothetically work in addition to the CV footswitch, and I could mix and match how much of the controller messages are sent to BB or passed on to control other devices!

Yes, a programmable midi device/pedal can be used to send CC messages to the BB. This is a much more elegant solution than hacking the footswitch to try to do it, and still leaves the footswitch for its already designed functions.

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Nice! So thankful BB has a MIDI Merge option built in to allow stuff like this.

One more possible way to do this using the CV footswitch, if you have the mula, would be to use something like a MidiHub. You can set an accent hit to play silence so it still sends a midi message, then have that message translated with the MIDI Hub to target the desired device. You might be able to set it to “No Action” with the same effect, but I’m not sure “No Action” still sends out a message or not. Def more complicated and expensive, but nerd brain likes to think of ways to stretch these things lol. Never know if some forum-crawler might be interested in trying it this way! :man_shrugging: