Send MIDI Start after Intro

Wondering if others that use loopers have some other way to work around, but a new feature I would like to see is an option on when the Midi Start command is sent from the BB midi out, with default as it is now being sent when the song starts, or on the first beat after the intro plays.

I hear we can take out the intros with the BB manager, but i kinda like the intros, but just would like to trigger the looper on the first verse ratter then intro.

My setup is BB midi out going into a iRig Pro Midi IN that is running Loopy HD on the IOS 8. Midi clock sync from the BB into the Loopy HD works pretty good from what I’ve seen so far. Also the BB sends stop after the outro plays, so Loopy ends… what I haven’t figured out is a way to use BB to play the intro and then Loopy to start at the top of the first measure after the intro…

Re: Midi Start to Looper after intro

Actually, exactly this situation (MIDI start occurs before Intro part, and not after) causes several BeatBuddy songs to synchronize incorrectly.

This will definitely be looked into.
I would prefer having at least a toggle-able option to send MIDI Start after Intro ends as well.