Send midi to Ableton

This seems like the right place to post this…

I’ve been gigging w/ my Beat Buddy for a while now. It’s great.

I’m wanting to fill out my sound more and have been plalying w/ Ableton Live.

My vision is to have beat buddy send midi messages to Ableton to trigger the parts of the song.

I imagine it working like this…

I scroll thru the beat buddy to find the song I want. I hit the BB to start the song and it sends a midi message to Ableton to start that song.

When i transtion from part 1 to 2 or part 2 to 1 ( i only use 2 part song style ) sends another message to change to that part of the sing in ableton

And lastly when i doyble tap for outro it sends a nother message for outro.

I don’t know if this is just a dream or if is actually acheivable.

Essentially making BB a simple midi controller for Ableton.

I undertsand there are only 127 midi notes, and BB is alreay using a bunch oif them… That`s where my knowledge ends. Can it be done another way? CC comands?

Have emailed singular sound directly. Thought i would try here also.



Thinking out loud here…

If i actually had all my drums runing out of ableton and only used BB as a midi foot pedal… That could work… So no audio coming out of BB.

And each part of the song would be a single midi note to trigger Ableton.

Hmmmmm… I will go and think on this.

Actually, thats no good. I cpould do that, but then i lose the "fills" ability, which ide like to keep.

The BeatBuddy sends out a transition MIDI command when changing song parts. It also sends start and stop commands.

It does not send out MIDI ID to change songs. It just follows the MIDI ID it receives.

But we may add that feature in a future update.

In the mean time, please check out our MIDI reference manual for further information: