Sending Folder/Song changes via MIDI

Hi all,

My beatbuddy (firmware version 2.0.4-RC4)
MIDI Settings:
System Real Time: Sync, Start, Stop all enabled
MIDI Channel Number 10
Note On: enabled
Note off: choke notes
Control Change: Enabled (all are enabled and show default CC numbers)
Output type: Merge
Channel: 10

I am sending MIDI messages from Max/MSP 7. I can send BPM, start and stop, and sometimes other messages to the beat buddy. However a lot of messages simply do not seem to be registering.

I want to send a folder/song change message. As I understand it, this should consist of 3 midi events:

CC# 0 CCvalue 0 MIDIch 10 %MSB=0 for folders 1-128
CC#32 CCvalue 4 MIDIch 10 %LSB=1 for folder 3 (“Brushes Beats”)
PC#5 MIDIch 10 %PC=5 for song 5 in folder 3 (“Brushes 5- 3/4 Half time shuffle pop”)

this should tell the BeatBuddy to switch to song 5 in folder 3, but the pedal does not respond at all, whether it is already playing back or stopped. If anyone here knows Max/MSP or is sending folder/song changes from another program successfully, please chime in and tell me the secret to sending these messages properly!

On my Boss ES-8, I can send messages only somewhat more successfully. I set up an ES-8 preset to send two midi messages on Ch10, which are sent automatically upon engaging the preset. The first is telling the BeatBuddy to go to folder X song Y, and the second is telling it to start playback of current song (CC#144, CCvalue 1). Beatbuddy seems to only respond to one or the other of these two commands. When I am on a different preset on the Boss, and a different song/folder on the beatbuddy, and I go to that preset on the Boss, I can see the beatbuddy does siwtch to the right song/folder - but does not begin playback. If I leave the beatbuddy in this correct songX/folderY, go to another preset, and come back again to this preset, the beatbuddy will begin playback. So it looks like the beatbuddy cannot handle receiving these two sets of messages in quick succession?

I wonder if the above sequence is being interrupted by other MIDI events on the channel, including sync. I wonder because I’ve noticed that sending a Fill (CC#112 CCvalue 1 MIDIch 10) while playing back seems to register only sometimes. If I send a bunch of those messages repeatedly, then the pedal is more likely to get the message and respond to it.

I hope someone can help me troubleshoot why the pedal doesn’t respond to incoming MIDI messages correctly!

thanks in advance

Might be a daft question but do you have CC option enabled on the bb?

If you can get the bb hooked up to a tablet you can use something like he midiwrench app to monitor the messages being sent.
You could use it I guess with your ES8 and Max/msp7

Sounds like bb is accepting programme change from ES8 so maybe not the bb at fault. Can you put in a delay between messages?

Cc144 is Note ON, not stop/start which are system real-time messages