Separate midi channels for Aeros and BeatBuddy

Can I send commands from Midi Maestro (MM) to make Aeros (AE) and Beatbuddy (BB) play separate parts at the same time, using CC113’s with separate midi channels? For example, AE plays Part 1 while BB plays Part 2.

These commands would be set up on one MM button:
AE Play Part 1: channel 1, CC113, value 1
BB Play Part 2: channel 2, CC113, value 2

If this is possible, is this how channels would be configured:
BB: midi in: 1, midi out: 2
AE: midi in: 2, midi out: 2 (i midi out from AE to an Adrenalinn III )

Does having separate channels defined screw up any other midi synch between BB, Ae and downstream? Obviously I want the tempo to remain in synch.

Hey there,

I replied to your email with the response to this, the Aeros just needs to be listening to the same channel that the BB is sending out to to receive CC102 for part changes. You can definitely set them to Different channels, you shouldn’t cause any problems, the only problem I see is the cc 102 issue where the BB affects some behavior on the Aeros part changes. But this will be fixed in a BB version that is hopefully coming soon.

You may want to turn off cc 102 being sent from the BB.