Separate mute/unmute settings

I’m wondering if there’s a way to program the Aeros to mute a track at the end of a loop before changing parts, then later immediately unmute that track when it comes back the next time around. Right now I can do an immediate, end of measure, and end of loop mute/unmute, but it would be rad to be able to choose any of those settings for mute and unmute respectively

For example, in part 1 I have 3 tracks. I can set my Aeros to mute at the end the loop BUT if I set a track to mute at the end of the loop AND change the part, the mute will not happen. Let’s call that part a verse.
I want tracks 1, 2, and 3 in the first verse, and only track 2 in the second verse when I come back to it after the first chorus.

If I could set my mute settings for “end of loop” AND the mute happens a split second before transitioning to the next part, then the track would still be muted when I come back to that part. And then, if I can have my unmute setting be “immediate” I can bring that track back when I need it later

Apologies if I’m not being clear—here are the steps I’m envisioning:

Start beatbuddy
Record tracks 1-3 on part one
Record tracks 1-3 on part two
Record tracks 1-3 on part three

Go back to part one, tracks 1-3 are playing. Press “mute” on tracks 1 and 3 so they are triggered to mute at the end of the loop, then select part 2 and press play (also set to change at the end of the loop) tracks 1 and 3 mute, then the part changes without hearing the tracks mute.

Play through part two, select change to part one, press play

Part one starts playing track 2–tracks 1&3 were previously muted
Halfway through part one, I unmute track 1 and it plays immediately.

Hope this makes sense

It’s really frustrating when you can’t immediately take some action or can’t queue it up for EOM oe EOL.

IMHO this is a general issue with all commands that can be queued (EOM, EOL) or start immediately. It’s not just mute. There are many times when I want to record/overdub/mute/unmute, etc. and want it in a different “timing”.

One way to fix this is to have some modifier action that causes the next queuable command to execute immediately, wait until the EOM, or wait until the EOL. I think just one ‘alternate timing modifier’ would probably be enough.

The modifier could revert back to the default setting … or it could be a mode and effectively change the default setting until you change it again.

There’s benefit to some sort of general purpose modifier that applies to all commands because it would take need one button/action on the Aeros or and external midi command. Certainly there could be a different setting/midivalue/action for each type of command, but that’s somewhat of a pain to choose between.

But there are many way to skin this cat.

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Yes, many ways to skin a cat, but man, sure would be great to have a metaphorical “skin cat” button option in this scenario.

I was reading a lot of this forum last night and noticed you posted something similar to this feature request months ago.

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I wish there was a way to interrupt switching parts. For instance,I generally have Aeros set to change at the end of the loop so I don’t have to be real precise every time I switch. It would be nice to have the option to switch on demand. I can do this with my Infinity and optional footswitch by pressing the stop button then the redo button at the desired time which will switch loops to accomplish a 2/4 measure from a 4/4 (for example).

You can do this—haha, or at least this is how I do it: buy all the SS stuff—you can have your Aeros set to switch at the end of the loop, but also use your Beatbuddy to change the parts immediately or at the end of a measure.

:rofl: All it takes is $$$! I’m glad you can do this but it would be great if it was possible on it’s own.

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Hey there,

the behavior you are seeing is related to a bug that was already spotted internally, we do plan on fixing it, thank you for bringing it back to our attention, it is intended to work in the way you describe above.

As far as separating mute/unmute, I’m not sure but I believe you are referring to MIDI, luckily MIDI expansion plans on addressing that issue, so not to worry!

We cannot however separate the actions further on the Aeros itself, since actions and buttons are limited.

We will likely address everything other than recording via midi commands, the idea is to allow multiple capabilities while device settings are a certain way. We will likely not be messing with song specific settings like recording start points.

It’s not ideal but CC102 can immediately switch parts in 2x2 or switch to the selected part in 6x6. This may break clock sync however if another device is controlling the Aeros, the beat may not be in the same place it was!

This is what the BeatBuddy sends to change the Aeros part

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Interesting. I that a technical issue?

If i have a long base track and want to record another track over a portion of that, it’s hard to wait for the start of the next loop … and then wait again (quietly) for that portion to play. Overdub don’t have this issue.

Would it be possible to add midi command that created a track was empty up to the current “time” and start recording immediately in the middle of the loop? That would give tracks the same behavior as overdubs which is often how we use them (but want them seperate).

I mostly only use 6x6 so that wouldn’t help but thanks for responding.

I wasn’t fully clear, we definitely are doing recording MIDI commands, but we aren’t doing recording commands that will break sync in the song settings.

I did see your request separately and it should be doable to commit a recording with silence and not break sync rules, so the user doesn’t have to play or keep quiet until the end of the loop, as you say.

This will likely be through MIDI