When I made my setlist in BBman, I put a seperator , in the name of the song ´Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da´. Find out yourselfs what will happen. It costs me hours to find out what was going wrong. Maybe I had the wrong workspace or had to copie files to CDcard, don´t export the project, whatever.
This is a beginners bug!
I tried before allready to make this setlist in the config file and experienced this fenomenem, but your advice was to make this lists in BBman.
Luckely by this experience I found out at the end the reason of the problem, otherwise I would went crazy.
But I still love the pedal!
Sorry for me angry.

The translation file between bb world and our world is in that CSV file. That’s why commas break it! the C in CSV = comma!

The BeatBuddy is basically a mini computer and just like you can’t use some characters in file names as they are used for operating system tasks or controls, neither can you use them in the the BeatBuddy \ / ? : * " > < |
As aashideacon has further noted the data of the drum kits and songs are held in a simple CSV file using comma delimited text and the comma is used to separate the data so you can’t use it.

Software is hard. Eventually the BB Manager won’t let you allow commas in the filename.