Seprate Guitar and drums output

is there a way to seperate the out put from the beatbuddy to different channels? i have a dual track looper and i would like to have the guitar recorded on track 1 and the drums on track 2 that way i could mix the 2 together. instead of it all being recorded on one track.

Can you NOT send the guitar through the BB? Add a mixer after that.

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I use a looper, it’s in midi sync with BB so no need to loop the drums - the BB itself is effectively looping all the time. BB out = drums, looper out = guitar. Might be something to consider.


Hey there,

Unfortunately the Bb cannot route audio, but we do suggest considering there are better loopers for what you may want to accomplish!

The way you are using it, if midi is not involved, could make it harder to sync the loops and drums

Thanks for the question!

If you have separate channels at the board for the BB and your guitar, send the guitar to the looper and the looper to the board; otherwise, send the guitar to the looper and the looper output to the input of the BB. Both approaches get you guitar-only in the looper.

If that won’t work for you, then I am missing something (totally possible!), so please tell me what I’m missing.


Hi Joe, good suggestion. my set up is working for me - as would your suggestion, thank you. Let’s see what the original poster might say :slight_smile:

Sorry @Carl_Williams, I mistook you for the OP!



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Why send the guitar through the BB at all? My BBM2 is on my pedal board, if I have one amp I send the guitar through the BBM2, If I have a PA then I send the guitar to the Amp and the BBM2 to the PA. By the way after advice on the forum here I bought a Ditto XJam looper which automatically syncs perfectly with the BBM, no need for midi.

I have the option to do both. Generally, I go through the pedal for rehearsals for simplicity, and send a separate feed at gigs.

Yes Joel, me too, this was a response to the OP

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I use the Boss RC-5 looper. How would I midi sync it to the BB?

You’ll need the midi break out cable from SS and at least 1 std midi cable.
There’s also a couple of settings to change, try this vid for starters.

Hope that helps

Thanks! I figured it could be done.
This video explains the connections, for future reference. The one you posted just shows a guy playing with it after the connections were made.

Thanks again!