Set BB to use same kit for all songs?

Hi - sometimes hard to manage the perceived volume of different kits and wondering if there’s a way to globally set a default kit?

For ex: on acoustic gig, just have the percussion kit come up for every song? (obviously nice if when turning off the global setting, the songs would still have their individual kits still set)


Make up a separate project. Select “None” as the default drumset for each song. Have your desired Global Drumset selected at the top of the project in BBM. Like this:


With each song set as none, it defaults to the current Global set. Notes, however, that if you forget to set a song as none, and then elect that song, it’s Default will become the new Global kit. The Global setting lasts only until the next Song Default Kit appears.

I think this works as well (from the user manual, under Main Pedal):

• Default Drum Set - When enabled, it will
automatically load the saved drum set for
each song. But if you want to try a few
different songs with the same drum set,
select ‘Disable’ so the drum set doesn’t
change every time you change the song.
Tip: To change the default drum set of a
song, press and hold down the drum
set knob.
• Enable/Disable

You’d select the desired drum set when you turn on the BB. Not sure if it retains that setting after turned off though (my BB is packed for moving so I can’t test it)