Set List & Default Drum Beats

First I have my default drum enabled. And it works fine until I choose a song to play from my set list on BBManager which includes a different drumbeat that I used as the default for that particular song. My problem is what happens when I choose a song not from my set list, after I had played a song in my set list, the drumbeat that was on while playing my song in my set list stays on. It becomes the default for all the other songs not included in my set list. And since I can’t remember the default beat for all the songs that are not in my set list, I now have to turn BeatBuddy off to let it reset itself with that default drumbeats are back in oder of the songs playing.

Off the top of my head, it sounds like your non-setlist song does not have a drum set selected. This is something you could check in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and if there isn’t one selected (it would show as None), select a drum set. Or it could be a drum set that is not available in the project on your SD card. In that case, the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) would have an asterisk in front of the drum set for that song.

Is your setlist in one folder and the song not in your setlist in a different folder but still in the same project? Or is the non-setlist song on a different SD card?

Is it doing this with the same non-setlist song every time or different non-setlist songs?

Which version of the firmware is on your pedal?

The non set lists songs are the ones I purchased from Singular Sound. Each song has a default drum kit. If I plug the beat Buddy in and select any one of the songs purchased each one opens with the proper default drum kit.
When I open my set list and choose a song the default drum kit I chose for the song in my set list works the way it should.
However, when I leave the set list and go back and choose a song purchased from Singular Sound the drum kit from the last song on my set list I was just playing opens up with it.
Note: Everyone of my songs has a default drum kit preselected. And every song in the BB Manager program has a preselected drum kit. And the default drum kit is enabled on my main pedal.

My Set list is in a different folder, but in the same project
Firmware 3.6.0

I will try to reproduce your symptoms on my system but I won’t be able to get to it until this weekend.

I just checked it again after reseting Beat Buddy, and it’s not doing it anymore. It is working fine now. Thank you for your time.

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Hey Ginger I have had the same issue with some of my songs using the previous drum kit but is not programmed for that kit! Yet when I go back to BB manager the original drum kit is showing! For example I had Blue Bayou on Cajon drum beat …the next song switched to same beat! Frustrating! I am not using the latest software I am still using my original.

Mine was doing exactly that. But then after the last time I downloaded a song and inserted my sd card into the BB Manager software, I took the sd card out of my computer, and then I inserted my card back into the Buddy Buddy pedal after which time it worked as intended. So then I just sat back and questioned my sanity. Felt like maybe it never happened at all until I just read your post. At this time I still don’t know what I did to correct the problem. But it was suggested that maybe one of my drumbeats had a * in front of it, which means I downloaded a sng file and I didn’t have that particular drum kit that followed the *. So I corrected it in my beat buddy manager by selecting a more compatible drum kit. I don’t know if that’s what made it work or I am just grasping at straws here. The only way I am learning how to really use BB , is by screwing up. So it makes it harder for me. But they say “Life is like a dance you learn as you go”…That kind of keeps me from throwing the thing across the room…LOL