Set list/song change


I’ve gotten to use to new folder option, which works great.

I have all my songs in order for a set list. I’m wondering of there’s an easy way to move through the songs in order. Currently, I’ve been going back to the song list and then toggling down through it. But is there a way to move from a song that’s currently loaded to the next song, without having to return to the list?


Hey there,

Yep! Use the new hands free slideout Next Song or Prev song option, simply hold the left bottom button down and then a menu will pop up, select the option with the wheel and use the right Aeros button to select the option

Thanks for the question !

Hi Brennan,

I did as you suggested, and I couldn’t find Next or Prev Song in the menu. What I found was: Save Song, Clear Song, Delete Last Part, Open Album, New Song 2 X 2, New Song 6 x 6, Mixer, Start on RPO, Midi Mode, Lock Track, Unlock Track, Copy Song, Home

What am I doing wrong?


Did you use the wheel to scroll down further in the slide out menu? It looks like you didn’t get all the way to the end of the list to see Next and Prev songs. You can also go into settings and remove the slide out menu items you don’t use and change the order of the ones you do use, so those two can be right at the top if you want. It’s been a really great addition for me.

In the Stopped Slide Out Menu, you should have (and may need to scroll to see the end of the list):
Save Song
Clear Song
Delete Last Part
Open Album
New Song 2x2
New Song 6x6
Switch RPO/ROP
Lock Track
Unlock Track
Copy Song
Song Settings
Previous Song
Next Song
Sleep Screen

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I thought I had rolled to the end of the list, but I guess not. But the suggestion to get change the order in settings is very helpful.

Thanks for your help!